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About Us

DucatiJax is a motorcycle social club out of Jacksonville, Florida.  We bring together people who have a passion for the Ducati brand and promote such passion, sharing values and vocation of the brand and company, Ducati.  Our goal is to organize and take part in activities to build an active, dynamic community that shares a passion for motorcycles.  


Our club members follow principles of honesty and respect of others.


Members of our club enjoy exclusive benefits which include dealership sponsorship, product previews, workshops, ownership enhancement, voting privileges, and various events.  Members do not have to own nor ride a motorcycle to become part of our club or the activities we organize.  We welcome all donations and participation to our events regardless of membership status but we hope you will join so we can present the legitimacy of the club's membership.  As we grow in memberships to achieve sustainability, the club will eventually become self-governing and operated.   It is our hope you will contribute to this club's success by becoming part of our family.

Benvenuto nella famiglia! ​

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