Our Sponsors

Ducati Club of Jacksonville is a non-profit organization sponsored by generous donations and support from various businesses and individuals.   We also collect membership fees to maintain operating costs and club functions.  We welcome and appreciate your contribution and/or participation to our club activities.

Become a Ducatista Officiando Sponsor.  Contact roo@ducatijax.com

Donations or Contributions Accepted

We will gladly accept donations of cash, merchandise, service , advertising, equipment, discount for members, function events, volunteer participation, use of facilities and others.

Ducatista Officiando Sponsor Gallery

BMW-Ducati Motorcycles of Jacksonville

Orange Park, Florida

Mr. Don Passell, owner of the dealership played an integral part in getting the club started.    

His passion for motorcycles motivated us to form the new club for Ducati owners.  He provides the partnership

base for club operations and functions at the dealership which also serves as the  sales and service resource

center  for our members.  The dealership collects valuble insights into Ducati ownership from our members and vice versa.  

Please drop in at the dealership and help us thank him for his continued enthusiasm and support for our club's success.

Ducati North America

It goes without saying that without the approval and support from Ducati North America, the club cannot

move forward.  Our thanks to Mr. Chris Jones, Southeast Business Manager Ducati NA and 

Mr. Ryan Speer, Ducati NA Marketing  for their help and continued support as we apply for affiliation

with Ducati (Italy)  Desmo Owners Club (DOC).  

WPS - Western Power Sports, Inc.

Stuart Harper, the WPS representative for this region was estatic to hear that we were starting up a club for

Ducati motorcycle owners in this area.  An enthusiast of motorcycles and a racer, Stuart said "oh yeah, I'm in".

We are very happy that WPS will be contributing to our club as an Officiando Sponsor.   Please check out all

their products online or at the Parts & Apparel department at BMW-Ducati MC of Jacksonville shop.  

Cycle Gear - Orange Park & Beach Blvd locations

CYcle Gear on Wells Road and Beach Blvd are collaboring with the club to  present Bike Nights and

fundrasing events.  Drop in on the staff at either locations and ask about our activities.  Our goal is to

provide all motorcycle owners a social base where we can meet, display our bikes, and just hang out safely.  Whether you ride or not,

our collaborated events welcome all participants.  Please check our Events calendar for bike nights and activities.


Thank you to other individuals for their help and enthusiasm to getting this club started.  

Chris Dunlop - Ducati owner

Peter Komatz - Ducati owner

Vicki - South Florida DOC (Ducati Club)

Craig Jenkins - BMW-Ducati MC of Jacksonville

Travis Jones - BMW-Ducati MC of Jacksonville